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In a more and more globalized world where products and services from any country are marketed in others, the key to success is their correct adaptation and translation. That way, the client or user will feel as if that product or service has been conceived having them in mind from the very beginning, instead of something alien to them that might fuel queries and mistrust. That’s what localization is about, and that’s my specialty.

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Multimedia products localization

Localization goes beyond translating from a language into another. It is a complex process in which a multimedia product is translated from a market to another taking into account a number of factors, not only linguistics. Thus, the target audience from the market where the product is intended to be released doesn’t feel they are handling an adaptation originally not conceived for them, but instead, the localized product should feel as if initially planned having the target audience in mind.

Website localization: It implies knowing the target audience, besides having the technical knowledge and tools to carry it out successfully.

Software localization: Of a remarkable high degree of complexity, that’s why localizers need to be familiar with the OS, software nature and its audience.

Game localization: A market constantly developing; it is essential to be aware of the latest trends, platforms and have the user experience to reach its audience.

App localization: The latest multimedia market as well as the most diverse; versatility and creativity and key factors to ensure a favourable reception amongst users.

Subtitling and transcription

Film, TV series, documentaries and other audiovisual products subtitling: binge-watching films and tv series is a passion, and in order to subtitling, a must, as it is to be familiar with slang, dialects and other linguistic variants. In the case of documentaries, specialized translation is an essential quality to carry it out, due to the high degree of specialization in this audiovisual genre.

Other services under request

Training, editing and proofreading: if you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop me a line to suit your needs. Let’s talk!