Hi! I’m Ismael Marín, the difference between your game going unnoticed and becoming a hit.

English-to-Spanish game translator, expert in multimedia product localization: websites, software, and apps, with extensive experience in audiovisual translation.

My skills


A quality translation sets the difference between a product that becomes successful, even viral, and one that falls into oblivion. My expertise is multimedia products localization and audiovisual translation. Together we can make your next series, film, game, website, software or mobile app be in vogue.

Very thorough translations, both at a terminological level as well as in the attention to detail given in each project. Always on time and meeting the established deadlines. It’s a real pleasure to rely on his work for every project we collaborate. 

Rocío Márquez, project manager at Traducciones Bienza


About me

There are as many translators as translation specializations. However efficient a translator can be or how highly they’ve been recommended, they’re not necessarily what your project needs. Get to know me better and find out if I am what your project needs!

Ismael has always been brilliant in the different collaborations we have had, meeting always the deadline in an efficient way. A fruitful cooperation at all times. He does his job perfectly. 

Ariel,  Hansi Translation Service